Nicole Erlich

Speech Pathologist

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  • Master of Speech Pathology, University of Melbourne (2016)
  • PhD in Developmental Psychology, University of Queensland (2010)
  • Graduate Certificate in Education, University of Queensland (2008)
  • Master of Arts in (Scientific) Psychology, University of Denver (2004)
  • Bachelor of Science/Computing with Honours in Psychology, Monash University (2002)

Clinical Interests

My main interest is helping school-aged children in the following areas:

  • Literacy: Reading and Writing Difficulties
  • Oral Language: Difficulties speaking and understanding spoken language
  • Speech: Difficulties with being understood
  • Social Skills: Understanding how to interact well with others, including turn taking, conflict resolution and negotiation skills.

Background and experience

Nicole has long been fascinated by how children think and behave. Her background in scientific psychology, including both Master and PhD programs and teaching students for many years, has given Nicole a good understanding of how we develop socially, emotionally and cognitively from infancy onward.

After obtaining her graduate degrees, Nicole spent 3 years working at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane in a Child and Youth Mental Health Services (CYMHS) Research Unit. In this position, Nicole coordinated research investigating better ways to help children with behavioural problems such as persistent aggression.

Nicole’s recent qualification as a Practising Speech Pathologist allow her to use her knowledge of child development to assess and treat children with communication difficulties.

Nicole has developed a particular interest in helping children with literacy difficulties. Due to her background in science, it is very important for Nicole to use treatments supported by solid scientific evidence. In literacy research, evidence points firmly towards the use of synthetic phonics. This method involves teaching children the relationship between sounds and letters in a systematic and explicit way, and is a method Nicole uses in therapy.

Nicole is currently offering a literacy assessment service for children between 6 – 8 years, to help parents work out whether they should be concerned about their child’s reading and writing skills development:

New Early Literacy Skill Assessment Service