Referral Process

To make a referral please call 9481 1944

Once a referral has been received a brief intake assessment will be completed over the phone and appointments will be made based on the individual’s need.

More detailed information regarding the services provided and client information forms will be emailed prior to the first appointment.

Assessment Process

The initial appointment

During the initial interview, the individual’s presenting difficulties will be discussed and the developmental history of the child or adolescent reviewed.  Based on this initial interview appropriate assessment and therapy options will be discussed.


Assessment options will depend on the individual’s presenting difficulties.  Assessment may include a diagnostic interview, cognitive assessment, educational assessment, questionnaires, and other psychometric assessments including memory scales.  In order to complete a comprehensive assessment, the psychologist will often liaise with other professionals and significant people who have involvement with the child or adolescents.

Generally assessments take 4 to 6 sessions

The assessment process includes an initial interview, followed by a number of assessment sessions.  At the end of the process, an assessment comprehensive feedback and recommendations will be provided based on results of the assessment.  A report is provided to the referrer if required.


Treatments delivered are those that have evidence for their effectiveness and that will best meet the child/adolescents and family’s needs and goals for therapy.

Therapy sessions are negotiated with each client based on needs.  If you are referred under Better Access to Mental Health Care Plan your progress will be reviewed after 6 sessions, with goals for ongoing therapy reviewed and a letter sent back to the referrer.


Treatment goals will be reviewed regularly in order to monitor the individual’s progress and to ensure the individual and their families needs are continuing to be met.


For more information please email or call (03) 9481 1944