Hugh Martin

Register Clinical Family Therapist
M Clinical Family Therapy (PACFA, AADT)

Hugh is a clinical family therapist who also works with couples and individuals, including children and adolescents. He has a trauma-informed approach that supports clients to improve reliability and renew trust within current and future relationships and to address problems and disappointments from the past. His approach helps to create room for people to be able to fulfil their own position in life in an honest, fair and responsible manner and receive their share of love and connection.

Hugh specialises in working with adolescents and children together with their families and carers. An area of particular interest is working with families to address a range of challenging behaviours including adolescent violence in the home. He also has extensive experience of supporting parents with difficult home situations, including amiable separations, divorce and co-parenting.

Hugh’s style is down-to-earth, curious and pragmatic. He brings gravitas, fairness and integrity to his work draws on the rich experience of working with many skilful trainers, therapists and supervisors over the years.

Areas Hugh works with

  • Addictions, Obsessions & Dependency
  • Adolescent violence in the home
  • Amicable divorce
  • Anger Management & Conflict
  • Anxiety & panic attacks
  • Bereavement, grief & loss
  • Co-operative co-parenting
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Family conflict and crisis issues
  • Family violence
  • Intimacy issues
  • Life changes & transitions
  • Personal growth
  • Relationship issues and problems
  • Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Stress and feeling overwhelmed
  • Trauma