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“the condition in which ones potential has become actual” Aristotle

Our Team

Dr Sophie Banfield

Clinical Psychologist

Ivan Mathieson

Clinical Psychologist

Jennifer Buckland

Speech Pathologist

Alison Clarke

Speech Pathologist

Bridget Knol

Speech Pathologist

Christine Jackson

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Nisha Brown

Paediatric (Neonatal) Occupational Therapist

Nicole Erlich

Speech Pathologist

Melinda Dowell


Gail Williams


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Baby Development Workshops for Parents – Baby Ready, Baby Steady, Baby GO!

The Baby Ready, Baby Steady, Baby GO! Developmental Workshop series for expectant and experienced parents includes 3 workshops over the first year (you can attend 1, 2 or all 3)

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Screen Time & Your Child: What you need to know

Screen Time & Your Child: What you need to know We’re living in a digital age and there are many benefits to that, but there’s a rising concern about the amount of time we spend in front of screens. It’s one thing to spend your day in front of a computer for work,...
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Screen Time

by Ivan Mathieson It is difficult to find a parent who doesn’t have something to say about the challenges of managing screen time with their children. As such, it is not surprising that Dr Anthea Rhodes and a team of researchers at the Royal children’s Hospital, has...
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Anxiety Management Drills

Making Anxiety Management Part of Your Everyday Routine When I speak to parents about managing anxiety they often report that their children don’t use the strategies when they are highly anxious or emotionally and behaviourally dysregulated.  When someone is already...
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Welcome Amber

We would like to welcome Amber to our team.  She will be working as a receptionist and joins Melinda and Gail in the administration team.  Amber will be working on Tuesdays and will at times take on the role on other days of the week.  Amber has previously worked in a...
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Discovering an effective intervention for Tics

I recently had the privilege of attending a workshop in Louisiana, USA with a group of professionals passionate about helping young people struggling to manage with Tourette Disorder. The workshop was facilitated by Professor Douglas Woods, a psychologist who has been...
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We have changed our name

The Clifton Hill Child and Adolescent therapy group was created in 2011 and has developed and grown since this time.  In acknowledgement of our development and planned future growth we have decided to change our name.  We are very excited to announce that we are now...
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Mother’s Day

Mother's Day May is the month we celebrate Mother's Day.  We often wait for others to provide us with breakfast in bed, five minutes peace and some indulgent gifts.  However, it is important that as mothers we do not wait until this one day in the year for others to...
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