Entelechy Therapy is a psychology practice that focuses on helping neurodiverse individuals and families. Neurodiversity refers to the natural variations in the human brain, which make each person unique and valuable. While these differences can be strengths, they can also present challenges in daily life.

We believe that if there is no problem, there is no need for intervention. However, if someone is experiencing challenges and distress or want to improve their functioning and skills, then interventions can be effective and lead to positive outcomes.  We seek to help individuals and their families understand and accept the individual’s neurodiversity and empower them to advocate to assist them in achieving their goals.

We specialise in working with individuals of all ages who face various challenges, including autism, learning difficulties, ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

Our approach involves

  • Recognising and building on a person’s strengths.
  • Providing innovative and evidence-based interventions that are centred around the needs of the individual and their family.
  • Offering advocacy services to help individuals achieve their goals.


Aristotle held that the concept of Entelechy is the inherent potential within everything. According to him, this potential only requires a supportive environment to be fully realised.

At Entelechy, we embrace this philosophy by creating a nurturing environment that empowers both our clinicians and individuals to unlock and fulfill their inner potential.

the Model of Care

Our practice framework or model of care encompasses several principles, including:

  • Emphasising a context-focused approach that involves your family or significant supporters in initial meetings, the assessment process, and treatment.
  • Understanding your strengths and challenges, with a focus on addressing mental health and distress as obstacles to overall well-being.
  • Setting goals, building skills, and enhancing functional abilities through community engagement and fostering independence.



to assist each individual reach their potential


and embracing an individual’s choice, cultural identity and diversity


and trust in or practice, and responsibility for our actions.


in responding to challenges and speaking up


in understanding an individual’s needs and empowering them 


about our practice, driven by our mission.


FAMILY AND PERSON-CENTRED:  We believe in placing each person and their family at the centre of the therapy  process. We work collaboratively with you and your family or significant others to ensure that your desired outcomes and priorities guide the planning and implementation of interventions. Our practice respects and values diversity, providing inclusive services that honour each person’s culture, ethnicity, race, language, and life stage.


INCLUSION:  Every individual possesses unique strengths and abilities that contribute to their family and the community. Our interventions aim to support your full participation in family and community life, empowering you to expand your choices, opportunities, and experiences. 


TEAM WORK:  We are dedicated to working collaboratively with you, your family, and other professionals within your intervention team. We share goals, intervention strategies, and monitor progress together.


EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICEOur team of clinicians are highly qualified and experienced. We provide interventions that are based on best practice and supported by evidence.


MEASURABLE OUTCOMES:  Therapy goals address the specific areas for change identified by you and your family, which are tailored to be achievable and measurable. These goals aim to achieve positive outcomes in your occupational, social, and emotional functioning.